A Bit of Success

A Bit of Success

Today I was able to get a corrected photo id for substitute teaching in no time at all!  I got up early and remembered to phone ahead to double-check that the office was open.  I even remembered to ask if they could use the same picture(and they said yes)!  So I grabbed a banana and was out the door…I know, it’s not the breakfast of champions, but it was something to tide me over until I got back to the house.  Besides, bananas are wonderful!  Haven’t you seen Doctor Who?

Once I had my id in hand, I remembered to ACTUALLY look at it and double-check everything.  It all checked out!  Thank goodness!  I don’t know what I would have done if I had to make a third attempt at getting an id.

I also managed to remember to stop at a store and buy a cheap pair of scissors, a small box of markers, glue sticks, and dry erase markers for my substitute teaching binder.  (I also found quite a plethora of academic themed word search, crossword puzzle, and mad lib worksheets that I can use as time-fillers.  I just typed in “Free ____ Worksheets” and filled in whichever type I was looking for.)

I’m just amazed that I remembered to get all of that done without having any coffee this morning!  I have found a bit of success within the mayhem of the last few days!


Full-time Teachers and Substitute Teachers, do you have any suggestions as to anything else (besides the above mentioned supplies, paper, and writing utensils) that should go inside my handy binder? 




It’s been another one of those days that makes me want to remind myself to ALWAYS check that everything is in order before I leave.

Last Thursday I attempted to get my Photo ID Badge made for substitute teaching.  I received an email with my employee number and information on where to go to get the badge made.  So I happily got in a vehicle and drove across my small-ish town (it takes about 15 minutes in traffic) to the School System’s Administration building.  Taped on the front door was a printed sign saying that the Photo ID machine was in use at the Teacher Induction Program and would not be available until Monday.   I should have called ahead to make sure I could get it that day.

But really, they just sent me the email that morning.  You would think they could at least say, “Oh, and by the way, we won’t be able to make your ID until next week, see you then!”  Apparently not!

The ladies at the reception desk were kind enough to tell me that I “should” be able to go over to the gymnasium where the Program was being held and get in line with the other teachers getting their badges.  So off I went, still optimistic!

I stood in line, met a bunch of teachers and a media specialist.  When I finally got up to the table and gave them my brand new employee number and told them I wouldn’t be on their list because I needed a substitute badge.  They pulled out a second list and looked for my name on it… Not there!

When I told them I had gotten my employee number this morning, they looked at me like I was crazy for being there.  They said my name wouldn’t be in their systems until Monday, at least!  So off I went, like a dejected puppy that couldn’t get a treat.

And then we come to TODAY!  It’s Monday!  Once again I am excited and optimistic.  But this time, I make sure to call them.  The machine and cameras are back in their regular office and they are open until 5pm!  Plenty of time!  I wound up doing other things until about 2:30.  Then I happily get in my vehicle and drive across town, again.  I get there and it takes less than 2 minutes to make the ID… I walk out all happy and bouncy, no longer a dejected puppy.

And the picture is a really good shot of me!  Amazing!  I typically do not photograph well for identification purposes.

Then I was taking pictures of the id right after dinner so I could post it and say, “Look at this! Isn’t it great!” And I noticed that something was a little bit off…

My name…

My name is too short.

They forgot the second “N” in Julianne.


That’s right.

And I didn’t notice it until after their office was closed for the day.  This means I get to go back to their office tomorrow and try again… Maybe they will let me use the same picture.  A girl can hope!

But in the meantime, I can’t help but laugh at myself and the way things are happening.  It makes me wonder what could go wrong the next time I try to get the ID!

So this is a message to my future self and everyone else, ALWAYS check before you leave!  Check by phoning ahead to double check information and when you receive any sort of official documentation with your name on it, check the spelling!

Otherwise you get to have a do-over day!

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