I am a 26 year old literature aficionado, fairy tale fanatic, and a lover of epics. I am working towards becoming an English teacher.  I am starting Graduate School this fall to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching English.  Eventually I would love to teach upper level High School English and Literature classes.  I am also starting to substitute teach so that I can spend as much time gaining practical experience in a classroom as I possibly can.

My love of words and stories started while I sat in my mother’s lap and was entertained as she read to me.  Once I started reading on my own, there was no stopping me!  Throughout high school, my favorite classes were always my English classes.  And when I got to college, I decided on a major based on which classes I thought would be interesting.  I ended up with a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature(A fancy way of saying World Literature), with a minor in Japanese Language and Literature.  Now I am beginning to transition from studying and learning about Literature and the English Language to teaching it effectively and efficiently in a way that will inspire others to love it as much as I do!

I’ve been so inspired by all of the wonderful teachers that have been in my life, and I want to be just as amazing of a teacher for someone else!  I decided that I needed a place to write about what I discover while learning how to teach and my first forays into the educator’s realm.

And I will be likely to post about things I discover on Pinterest, too.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am going to!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


Ms. Turner


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