Getting Ready For Classes

Classes don’t start for another two weeks, but I am already filled with anticipation!  So today I spent a little bit of time getting my binders ready.  Remaining organized throughout the entire semester or year has always been one the things I have to work at(it does not come naturally to me).  I dug out all my extra stationery, 3-ring binders, dividers, and sheet protectors in order to put everything together the way I wanted.

Here’s a picture of what they look like:

Sorry, Picture is Broken!

 My two English courses have the butterfly stationery on them, while the Education course has the sunflowers.  I really like both designs, so I couldn’t pick just one to use.  I purchased the sunflower paper at the local dollar store and the butterfly design at Walmart for around $1.75.  I love it when I find cute bargains!

bindercoverfullEach of the binder covers has my name, the course title and number, the day and time of the class sessions, and the term.

Bindersec1The first section is for Research and Resource papers.  I have a list of the required texts for each course in its corresponding binder.  Copies of Bibliographies for my papers will also go in here, as well as my quick references to the MLA and APA formats.

bindersec2The second section is for my research papers and essays.  I have placed a divider so that I can separate the ones which have already been graded from my drafts.

bindersec3The third section is for filing my notes, and I have several dividers within this section in case I need to organize my notes further.

bindersec4The last section is for the blank paper.  I will actually be writing my notes here, and then filing them within the notes section once I have reviewed them.

So there you have it!  I’m sure they will be due for a little bit of editing and rearranging once I’m actually in classes and discovering what each course really needs.

I’m also going to be a substitute teacher for my county school system this year!  (I’m hoping to get as much time in the classroom as possible, as well as earn a bit of money)  I have spoken to several teachers about my plans and they have all recommended that I make a bag or box of tricks and extra activities.  So when I started digging out supplies, I also dug out this big binder:

Subbinder subbinder2

It has quite a few hidden pockets and zippers and expandable areas, I like it!  I have not quite finished stocking it, but I’ve made a bit of progress.  I have extra pencils, pens, lead, erasers, post-it notes, and a ruler/hole punch combo.  I will be adding things like 8-pack of crayons and markers, a mini-stapler and staples to the binder.subbindercover


I’ll be able to put the school contact information, directions, principal name, teachers substituted for, and any notes in the School Information section.  Lists of useful resource websites and information will go in the Resources section(and things like the Common Core Standards).

subbindersec3 subbindersec4

I’ll be able to put activity worksheets in sections according to either grade level or subject.  That way if I need them, I’ll be able to find them and get them copied in short order.    In my Notes section, I will be able to place notes that I take while observing how classroom management actually works, organization ideas from the teachers’ rooms, etc.  I’ll also put a feedback letter form in this section so that I can leave a note for the teacher about the students or the lesson.

subbindersec5 subbindersec5.0

My last section is the extra paper, and I have both graph paper and notebook paper.  That way if a student says that they cannot do the assignment because they don’t have the paper, I will have some on hand.

I’m sure that I will be adding extra things to this binder at a later point.  Right now I am planning on adding a book of Ad-Libs and perhaps a small book of short stories(probably fairy tales).  Sometime partway through the year I plan on making an update post on how this binder is doing and what has actually come in handy.

If you have any advice as to what I really should include in this binder, please leave me a comment and let me know!


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