A Bit of Success

A Bit of Success

Today I was able to get a corrected photo id for substitute teaching in no time at all!  I got up early and remembered to phone ahead to double-check that the office was open.  I even remembered to ask if they could use the same picture(and they said yes)!  So I grabbed a banana and was out the door…I know, it’s not the breakfast of champions, but it was something to tide me over until I got back to the house.  Besides, bananas are wonderful!  Haven’t you seen Doctor Who?

Once I had my id in hand, I remembered to ACTUALLY look at it and double-check everything.  It all checked out!  Thank goodness!  I don’t know what I would have done if I had to make a third attempt at getting an id.

I also managed to remember to stop at a store and buy a cheap pair of scissors, a small box of markers, glue sticks, and dry erase markers for my substitute teaching binder.  (I also found quite a plethora of academic themed word search, crossword puzzle, and mad lib worksheets that I can use as time-fillers.  I just typed in “Free ____ Worksheets” and filled in whichever type I was looking for.)

I’m just amazed that I remembered to get all of that done without having any coffee this morning!  I have found a bit of success within the mayhem of the last few days!


Full-time Teachers and Substitute Teachers, do you have any suggestions as to anything else (besides the above mentioned supplies, paper, and writing utensils) that should go inside my handy binder? 


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