More or Less Oriented

Does an orientation session usually leave you feeling anything but oriented?  After receiving a folder full of papers and pamphlets, being introduced to the entire departmental staff, and separated into group activities, are you still a bit lost and confused?  Is all the information that was spouted really necessary or is it just hot air?

How I feel after my orientation session…

I’m afraid that I am not feeling very oriented after my orientation session for Graduate School Teacher Education Candidates.  And I must confess, I may have received 5 minutes worth of useful information in a 2 hour session.  And the majority of that useful information that I gleaned out of the chaff will not pertain to me until next year.

But there are a few good things that have come out of the orientation session!

1)      Somebody baked cookies. (yum!)

2)      I now know that my one guy teacher this semester is cute! (Huzzah!)

3)      I already recognize some of my fellow MAT students (Don’t ask me their names, yet!)

4)      I now know what four more rooms in the building look like(because we changed rooms and split into groups that many times)

5)      I now know that one of my teachers does not hesitate to set someone up to be the sacrificial lamb(Uh-Oh!  She volunteered the poor sucker to be the MAT student representative for the Advisory Council when it was apparent that no one wanted to do it)

6)      SPAGE/PAGE is for Georgia Educators only, and the GAE has a national affiliate with the NAE.  (PAGE was upfront about their prices for student teachers while the GAE was not as forthcoming… Anyone have experience with these organizations and have opinions as to which is better?)


The information presented by the PAGE and the GAE brought to mind another question, however.  Do I need liability insurance for when I am substitute teaching?  It is not required by my county, but it would probably be a good idea.

So at the end of the session, I have at least walked away with a few bits of relevant information, some new pertinent questions that I will find an answer for, and while I am not completely sure of myself, I do know the general direction in which I am headed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Turner

(I’m going to have to start getting used to being called that rather than my first name…)


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