First Day of Graduate School

I have now attended my first graduate level class session!  WooHoo!  It feels quite invigorating and surreal at the same time.

Of course, since I did not want to be late, I arrived just over an hour early.  Way too early.  But at least I wasn’t late!

The first class is a class on 19th Century British Literature. It is a small class, only 10 people were there, but another 2 are expected to join the class.  The professor is from Cameroon, Africa and speaks several languages, including English and French.  The professor spent some time getting to know the students, going over the syllabus, and explaining the expectations for the writing quality in our papers.  And then we moved on to a PowerPoint of background information on 19th Century Britain.

I was glad to have the presentation because it refreshed my mind on dates and big events going on during the time.  It also gives me more insight into some of the social issues of the time to keep in mind while reading my textbooks.

But my hand cramped up some after taking a couple of pages of notes.  After taking several years off from school, my writing hand is no longer in shape!  By the end of the month, I’m sure my hand will feel like it’s gotten a bootcamp treatment!

As for my writing itself… I always start out with the expectation and determination that my notes will be beautiful and legible.

(I do actually own a couple of calligraphy and fountain pens!  But I save them for holiday cards and thank you notes.)But in reality, my notes always devolve into a mess of chicken scratches and hieroglyphs.  I can at least still read my own handwriting, but I find that if I come back to notes that I’ve taken several years before, I cannot decipher them.

Because of this, I will be making a list of things to practice and work on while in grad school and preparing to become a teacher.  Penmanship will be one of the first things on it.

After all, if I’m going to be writing on a whiteboard or chalkboard, I should at least make it legible for students!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ms. Turner


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