Hats Off!

I have picked up quite a few more substitute teaching jobs since I have last written a blog.   Several of them at the middle school level have left me with just one thing to say…

Hats Off for the Middle School Educators!

hats off

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have what seems like an impossible job, but you manage to corral 30 or more hormone infused bouncing bodies and teach them how to behave like humans, all the while imparting a worthwhile academic education.  You are truly impressive people!  This is made even more apparent when the school changes your daily schedule to incorporate the neighboring high school pep-rally or create an extra long block period to let one third of the student population finish a certain test.  You carry on, full of vigor, calm, and just a bit of sassiness.  You are wonderful!

My substitute teaching jobs have in no way diminished the respect for elementary and high school educators, rather my awe has only grown for teachers of all grades.  This really is a demanding occupation that requires a great deal of flexibility and at the same time rock-solid determination.

And so, to all the wonderful educators who have or will cross my path, thank you for all that you do!



In other news, I have received several grades back on papers, lesson plans, and tests from Grad School.  I am relieved to report that I earned no grade less than a 93.  A- or above!  Woohoo! (Yes, I’m boasting just a little bit… it’s been a while since I have gotten grades, so forgive me, please)

good grades


Thank you for bearing with my silence as I went to my classes and various classrooms!  I’m glad to be back writing again!

Please feel free to comment or leave me a message!  I am always open to feedback.

Ms. Turner


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