Still Alive, Teaching, and Learning!

I have less than two semesters left before graduation! Woohoo!

My schedule is becoming increasingly busy as time goes on. The calendar for this semester is very hectic. I am student-teaching in a high school two days a week, assisting in a college first-year English class on two different days, attending seminars in the evenings, and substitute teaching on Fridays. And I am reading not only the 9th grade and 12th grade texts, but also nonfiction and research materials for my research proposal paper.
It’s a challenge that depends on developing impeccable time-management skills, or as near as I can get.

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It is an on-going struggle, but I am hoping to continue my 4.0 GPA streak. I will hopefully be posting more often as I become more efficient. (I can always hope, right!)


Battling Procrastination

“Oh, I can do it later!  I have plenty of time!”  This thought comes to mind almost every single time I receive an assignment or I attempt to set a deadline for myself.  I struggle with this on a weekly basis, if not daily.  And I know that I am not the only one.


There are plenty of surveys, tips, tricks, and advice columns on how to battle procrastination, but most of them seem to boil down to “Just buckle down and do the work!”  And you can spend HOURS and HOURS looking at all the advice and tips, which is just another added element of procrastination.

Once I am finally at my desk and in working mode, I am usually fine, but getting me to sit at my desk for the first 10-15 minutes it takes to get in the determined mode can be a challenge.  I sometimes feel like I need a guardian knight who looks extremely threatening standing over my shoulder to intimidate me into doing my work.  

This week I put off doing my readings for my grad school classes until the later part of the weekend.  Why?  Because of Labor Day.  I had an extra day to stretch things out, so I did. 

Not necessarily the best choice.



I ended up reading the assignment sheet in a hurry, reading the wrong chapter in my textbook, and having to then go back and read the correct one.  Ultimately it was a very large waste of my time and created more stress.

Procrastination leads to hurrying, panic mode, and mistakes.  I’ve done this a million times, and I still haven’t learned my lesson!

BUT!  Sometimes I use my procrastination habits for my betterment.  I updated my two page spread calendar with all of the CORRECT reading assignments and due dates for September.  I have one that stays on my desk and three that are filed in my course notebooks.  

Procrastination SOMETIMES leads to organization and cleaning.  Not often, but sometimes.


What kind of mistakes have you made when in panic mode? 

What are some of the things that you do while procrastinating?


Thanks for reading and leaving comments for me!

Ms. Turner